Give Me Five!

All you need is five minutes a day to maintain your health, happiness, and peace of mind.

By incorporating these 5-minute small habits into your daily life, you can get big results.

These five minute fixes are the simplest way to enhance your day and balance your life:


5 Minutes in the Morning: Focus

Upon rising, don’t reach for the phone. 

Greet your new day by stretching and taking five deep breaths. 

Set your intentions by envisioning your day and repeating a mantra or positive affirmations. This will set the tone for your day as well as set you up for success. You are probably already doing this, but in a non-mindful and negative way. Become more aware, present, and positive.


5 Minutes in the Evening: Faith

Before going to sleep, do a guided meditation to relax your body and calm your mind.

Reflect on your day, count your blessings, and look for the positive lessons learned. 

This will help you cultivate gratitude, for the greatest prayer of all is learning to say thank you.


5 Minutes Throughout the Day: Free Yourself

During the day, sprinkle these 5 minute breaks whenever you need to release stress and relax.

Recharge your body, clear your mind, and soothe your soul by doing something productive to help you boost your energy, and keep you motivated. Disconnect from technological devices in order to reconnect with yourself.

Do a 5-minute workout, go for a walk, try meditation, do yoga, listen to music, sing a couple of songs, get up and dance, play with your pet, do some drawings or paint, read an inspiring book, learn a new skill, or write in your journal. 


Five minutes may not seem like a lot but at the end of the day, it can have an accumulative effect that you can build upon. You probably waste more than five minutes making up excuses for not doing it.

Now go find those five minutes and you’ll be amazed at how well they can work for you!

Antoinette Giacobbe M.A.