Come join us as we interview everyday heroes from all walks of life to discuss their INNERVIEWS and to share their experiences.

Everyone has a unique story to tell.

By sharing these stories, we can connect to that spark in their eyes, the passion in their hearts, and the spring in their feet as they keep moving forward despite their obstacles.
This is where we gain our inspiration, our strength, our commitment, our vision, and our feeling of being connected.

The power of storytelling helps us process our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It gives us that extra push to make sense of the world as we find common ground and gain a better understanding and deeper connections.

We’ve been sharing stories since the beginning of time with centuries of learning and knowledge passed on from generation to generation.

Remember the storytelling from your childhood? The books you read? The movies you watched, the stories you heard from your friends or from someone on TV? What they all have in common is that they offered you a view of the world that differs from yours as well as provide you with the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. No matter how diversified the stories may be, the similarities help us realize we are not alone and that we can thrive.

The fundamental essence of being human is being able to communicate and connect with others. Storytelling is a powerful communication tool that helps us find our voice, our courage, and our confidence to form a deep bond and to become liberated as we grow emotionally and spiritually as well as engage and encourage others to heal and create change.