Our Vision

The entire world is in a crisis mode. Not only are we battling our own challenges, but the planet and society are going through difficult times. The veritable plague of the 21st century is a disconnection from our true high selves. While we are familiar with the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind, our spiritual well-being has suffered from gross negligence and is often misunderstood. 

We need to awaken to the fact that there must be something bigger than us and that we have lost power as we have grown apart from our spiritual selves.  We need to nurture our souls as individuals and as a society.

We need to bring the sacred back into our everyday life and reclaim our true essence and spiritual connection.

We need to reconnect. By sharing our stories, we can become inspired and motivated to take action as well as strengthen our beliefs, reinforce our faith and gain hope. 

We need to remind ourselves to tap into our inner resources and into the powerful connection we all have with our lives.

Antoinette Giacobbe, MA

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Antoinette Giacobbe is a Stress Reduction Therapist,  Kripalu- trained Yoga Instructor (taught at McGill University and Vanier College), and a former teacher at Vanier College Continuing Education (Personal Development courses). She is a Holistic Health Educator with over 30 years of experience. Antoinette has given lectures and workshops in the public sector as well as training for private corporations

Antoinette is the founder of Lifestyle Management Promotions (1989-2015 ) having organized events and invited speakers from around the world to Montreal, Quebec.

As a young student, Antoinette wanted to become an interior decorator. Instead, today, her passion for teaching and her integrated approach has helped people “re-design” their “interior” life with practical advice and guidance to facilitate healing, change, and personal growth.