Embracing the Harvest Moon Light

September marks the unofficial end of summer and ushers in the beginning of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere. September’s full moon, the Harvest Moon, falls between September 9 and 11 this year and usually precedes the Autumn Equinox. 

In the days before electricity, farmers were dependent on the moon’s light to harvest their crops. As the days started growing shorter, September’s full moon came out right after sunset and provided the extra light that allowed farmers to continue working late in the field, gathering their crops. Hence its name: Harvest Moon.

The significance of the Harvest Moon is not only relevant to the farmers but also to us, as we are all part of nature. We too are coming to the end of the summer season and experiencing the cycles of change.

Tuning into nature and the seasons helps us gain a more profound understanding of ourselves. We reconnect with the light and harness the energy of the Harvest Moon to get into alignment with the cycles of the seasons just like farmers, who not only have to harvest their crops but, afterwards, need to clean up and prepare the soil for the following year.

It’s time to reap what we have sown.

It’s time to harvest the results of what we have been working on in our own lives and to use 

that extra light and energy to complete any unfinished business.

It’s time to look back on the past season and take stock; a time to reflect on what we have accomplished and how we have progressed.

It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving us and to release whatever is holding us back or weighing us down.

It’s time to look forward and make new goals and set new intentions for the following season.

It’s time to use the illumination to gain clarity and a new perspective as to what we want to do next, as well as overcome any obstacles in our way.

It’s time to honour and appreciate nature and our home.

It’s time to clean and organize your space, so we can make our home comfortable, warm, and cozy.

It’s time to give thanks for all the blessings. And like nature, there may be some seasons that are more abundant than others. We must claim all that we have learned from our experiences and mistakes so we can bounce back feeling stronger, wiser and ready to move on and make new plans.

It’s time to celebrate the magic of the Harvest Moon and its abundance. Share delicious, homemade meals with family and friends and dance under the moonlight!

It’s time to take a much needed pause from the summer’s hard work and to relax.

It’s time to realign with our spirit as we start slowing down and start our journey inwards towards the darkness of winter.

It’s time to use the heightened energy of the full moon to deepen our meditation and intuition.

It’s time to stay grounded and be centered as the full moon can stir up our emotions. Don’t try to suppress these strong feelings, rather allow them to flow through and learn what important messages need to be heard in order to fully understand ourselves. They shed light on where we are not being true to ourselves and which issues need to be addressed.

It’s time to reconnect with who we really are and what we truly desire.

It’s a powerful time to reconnect with our core truth and our inner light. Harness the energy of the Harvest Moon to grow into our true potential. As we deepen our spiritual practises and connection to the divine, we can recharge our lives. Everything grows and evolves, just like the seasons. And the moon cycles can help guide and orient us on our spiritual path. 

Many cultures around the world celebrate the Harvest Moon with ceremonies and rituals.

You can create your own special ritual to help you step into your own power, to generate psychological and spiritual changes at a deeper level and to manifest all the blessings in your life that you truly desire. 

Start by creating a sacred space and make your own little altar with symbolic objects like stones, feathers, crystals, flowers, cards. Use empowering affirmations or mantras, light a candle, write in your journal or write a list of what you want to let go and then burn it. Take a moon bath, do deep breathing exercises. It’s important to symbolically close your ritual, like a prayer, to signal to your unconscious mind that you’re ready to release it into the universe. If you want it to manifest, you need to press that send button. Whatever you choose, make sure it is meaningful to you so your vision can come to light with the power of the Harvest Moon.

It’s time to reset our inner clocks. We need to reexamine and readjust our goals, dreams, and intentions in order to continue to manifest and attract what we desire. Our lives will become more meaningful and fulfilled and we will feel more connected to ourselves, others, and nature.

Shine your light, be powerful, and nourish your spirit. And above all, be grateful as you fill your home with good energy and embrace the Harvest Moon.

Antoinette Giacobbe