Summer Solstice Magic

Tapping into the Magic of the Summer Solstice

June 21st is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the beginning of summer. Not only is it a seasonal shift, but it also carries spiritual significance as it symbolizes the return of the light and new beginnings; it is a time to celebrate the renewal and cycle of life. For many centuries, different cultures around the world have welcomed the summer solstice with their unique traditions and festivals.

In contrast to the winter days where we would much rather stay inside and focus our energies inward, the summer days make us want to get out and have some fun in the sun. Our spirits come alive, making us feel refreshed, renewed and re-engergized. If we can compare spring to waking up in the morning and slowly getting out of bed, then summertime is when we are fully awake and ready to go. We are fired up just like the sun and everyone is in good spirits. 

Summer brings us optimism, positivity, hope for the future, joy, warmth, growth, and adventure.

You can feel the magic in the air!

After all the hard work through spring, it is time to bask in the sun, take time to rest and enjoy all that the earth and life have to offer us. We join together and share with others in celebrating the earth’s strength, fertility and abundance and show appreciation for everything we have in order to survive and thrive. 

All that invigorating and exhilarating energy the sun has to offer can be used to uplift and inspire us. Just as the sun nourishes Mother Earth and brings bounty, abundance and beauty,  we are reminded to honour the nourishing light within us as well as all around us.  The summer solstice teaches us to enjoy the present moment since, just like the seasons, nothing lasts forever.

The qualities of the sun represent power and energy. Think of it as a spark of imagination or a burning passion that can sow the seeds and create a strong enough desire to propel us into action with willpower, courage and strength. 

Fire is also associated with the purification process and gives us the fuel for transformation. As this season brings light and growth, it is also an opportune time to reflect on our own inner light and personal growth. Take inventory and make sure to clear out old energy that is no longer serving you. Write down whatever is not supportive of your greater purpose and release it by burning that list and consciously letting go. 

Our call to action is reinforced when we renew our intentions by paying attention to what’s important to us and keeping our focus on our true heart’s desires.

As we honour our Earth’s connection, we can align ourselves with the fiery nature of the sun and nurture the light within us to awaken our consciousness and reach our full potential. As the sun spreads light around the world, it can also inspire us to nurture others. And just as the sun is sure to rise every morning, we are reminded to have faith, trust and confidence in knowing that no matter what bumps we hit along the way, we can tap into that fiery badass part of ourselves to get us through those challenging times. We can stay the course as long as we continue to shine the light on our intentions and make the necessary adjustments along the way. 

Summer is the season where everything reaches its peak. We too can come alive as we experience life blossoming around us. 

Summer teaches us to celebrate the power of the sun as well as our own cycles of growth and change by cultivating an attitude of gratitude and respect for the magical energies of nature and all that it has given us.  

Here are some other rituals that we can engage in to help us embrace the sun, step into its power, and celebrate the light and life:

Get outdoors into the sunshine; connect with nature, whether it be by the lake, in the country or at a farm or at the beach; take a hike; walk barefoot on the grass with the morning dew; have a picnic; take out the barbeque; have a feast; buy or plant flowers for yourself; rise and shine with the sun; Soak in the morning sun as you meditate; watch the sunset; gather around a fire-pit, bonfire or campfire with friends; Sing songs, share stories, dance, and create a mandala made from things found in nature like flowers, rocks; have a candlelit meditation and focus inward as you reflect on the qualities of the divine light.

Use this potent time to ignite your intentions and harness the magical solar energy towards the manifestation of your goal. Take time to reflect on the first half of the year; align yourself with your true desires as you prepare for the second half of the year; make a list of affirmations as daily reminders of your intentions; make a wish and say it out loud. 

We can experience the magic of the summer solstice by believing in our inner power and light to help nourish our need to grow and flourish into everything we dream of becoming.

Journalling helps us acknowledge and honour our own inner fire. Contemplate the following: We often look at what we haven’t done, so why not make a list of our accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back. Be proud of your hard work. Be kind to yourself.

The seasons change, and so should we. Take a look at how to use that fiery energy to burn away the things you no longer need and make room for new endeavours. What lights your fire? Remember that you are fierce and stronger than you think. Express your gratitude and remind yourself how awesome you are.

Do you remember your childhood summers? There was something inherently magical about it; school was finally out and we looked forward to enjoying every moment of the summer months. As adults, we need to recreate that summertime magic; we too need to make the time to relax, kick back, and allow for those joys of childhood to be part of our lives. Stay young at heart and get serious about having fun; sit under the sprinkler in your backyard (who cares what the neighbours say), eat ice-cream for breakfast and cereal for supper, have a sleepover. 

Harness the power of the sun to revitalize and heal your life.

May all your wishes come true!