Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Life

“If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got.” Henry Ford

Does every day feel like Groundhog Day?

Stuck in a job you don’t like?

Is your relationship going nowhere?

Feeling unhappy and not sure why?

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect before you make a decision or take action?

Full of self-doubt?

When was the last time you tried something new?

Sound familiar?


Isn’t it about time you stopped hanging out in the comfort zone and started expanding into your growth zone? 

Comfort zones are like prisons; the only difference is that your limitations are self-imposed. 

Un-limit yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing back those boundaries that you believe are holding you back from living life to your full potential. The walls around your comfort zone are made of fear. Learn to identify and face your fears by seeking out change.

Rather than feeling bored, scared, and stressed, choose to challenge and stretch yourself.

The first step is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Since we are creatures of habit, we tend to resist change and seek comfort. However, in order to grow and learn new skills, we need to push the boundaries of our comfort zone.

Look at it as growing pains; “No pain, no gain.” Your reward for taking a risk is seizing the opportunity for growth and new experiences. Your life is meant to be an adventure. 


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Comfort Zone                                                            Growth Zone

Sense of security and control                                     Embrace change and the unknown

Feeling stuck and stagnant                                         Looking for opportunities for growth 

Complaining and making excuses                             Setting goals and making plans

Making choices based on fear/doubt                        Making choices based on hope/trust

Insecure                                                                          Confident

Settling for less                                                              Getting the most out of life

What if I can’t                                                                What if I can

Focus on negatives                                                        Focus on positives

Overthinking feeds fear                                               Be spontaneous, take a leap of faith

Believe you can’t handle it                                          Believe you can handle it

Tired, depressed, no energy                                       Excited, passionate, full of energy

List of regrets/looking backwards                             Choosing happiness/looking forward

Paralyzed by fear                                                           Acting in spite of fear

Playing it safe                                                                 Taking risks

A place where your dreams come to die                   A place where you find joy, success

Fear of making mistakes                                             Learning from your mistakes

Procrastinate                                                                 Just do it now

Same old, same old routine                                        Do something new or different

Just surviving                                                                Thriving 

Keep on reacting                                                           Taking proactive steps

Path of least resistance                                                Tap into full potential

Focus on drama and disasters                                   Focus on all the benefits, keep eye on ball

No growth in the comfort zone                                  No comfort in the growth zone.

It is quite normal to feel apprehensive as you venture into unknown territory.

Learn to embrace new experiences as you experiment and discover new abilities.

Challenge your routine by being honest with yourself in deciding what you really want in life based on what makes you happy and not worrying about what others think. 

This will help you create a clear plan. 

The next step is to break your goals down into small manageable risks so you can move forward with baby steps.

Keep moving with your plan as this will create momentum and keep your motivation going as well.

Get a buddy system; enlist the help of people and build a supportive network.

Become a yes person. Try a new restaurant, take a trip, take a different route home. Break out of your routine instead of always saying no and jumping to conclusions that you wouldn’t like it or be able to do it. Just have fun. And don’t forget to breathe!

Pursue your dreams with the power of belief. Believing in yourself is the power switch that intensifies your dreams and turns them into reality. 

Be persistent and if you fail, get back up. Never, ever, give up. This is how you build the courage to face your fears and the confidence to move on.

Life’’s greatest achievements happen outside of your comfort zone by taking a risk. 

Change your mindset to “Yes, I can!” Zig Ziglar said, “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” 

Failure is inevitable, and it doesn’t mean you’ve hit a wall or a dead end. It means you’ve hit another road or taken a detour. Mistakes strengthen us for our next challenge and help us develop new tactics. Use your mistakes as stepping stones to your next success. 

Say goodbye to your comfort zone and hello to your new and exciting life!

Antoinette Giacobbe