Stop Reacting, Start Responding

Everyday, we are faced with making a multitude of decisions. In order to ensure positive progress, cultivate the healthy habit of learning to respond instead of react to life’s situations. Reacting robs you of your choice. Reprogram your unconscious habits with conscious choosing that will turn your reactions into responses. This will form the foundation for your personal integrity and you will have the freedom to design and create your own future.


Responding                                                   Reacting

Deliberate                                                                 Impulsive

Delayed                                                                      Immediate

Consciously aware/mindfully present                    Unconscious/auto pilot

Well thought out/reasoning                                     Emotionally driven/charged

Long term vision/future                                            Short sighted/stuck in past

Focus on resolution                                                    Focus on problem

You are in the driver’s seat                                        You become the victim

Acceptance                                                                 Resistance

Feeling liberated and motivated                               Feeling shameful and discouraged

Able to move forward with new solutions               Remain stuck and repeat same old issues

Own it/your thoughts, feelings & actions                Stop making excuses/Stop blaming 

Acknowledge your mistake/learn from it                Denial /just repeating/re-acting 

Make better decisions/ outcomes                              Fuels disagreements/frustrations

Gain more confidence and positivity                        Perpetuates fears/panic/negativity                                                       


Empower yourself and remember STOP:

S– Stop and take a breathe, literally. Breathing helps you to relax and to see things clearly.

T -Take into consideration your thoughts and emotions. Acknowledge, validate & embrace.

O -Options; consider your options and available solutions.

P -Plan your next course of action by always keeping your eye on the desired outcome/goal.

Responsibility – Your ability to respond. The more you accept responsibility in your life, the more power you will have. By making better choices, you will remain in control of your life. Bottom line, you will always have a choice. Which will you choose?

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”          Viktor E. Frankl