The Phenomenon of Goosebumps

Have you ever gotten goosebumps watching the sunset, during meditation or prayer, thinking of someone, hearing someone sing or say something profound, or experiencing a moving piece of theatre, music, or art?

Scientifically speaking, goosebumps occur when the sympathetic nervous system triggers the tiny muscles at the base of our hair follicle to contract and, as a result, the hair on our skin to stand on end. This happens as an involuntary or natural physical response to cold, or when you have a strong emotional experience, in which case you are reacting to something on a deeper level, and it is resonating with you. Your bodily cues are sending signals for you to pay attention to the underlying message. Something is speaking to you. 

Obviously, if you are not running a cold or fever or dealing with something physical, then you need to put it in context with what you are experiencing.

In a stressful situation, it could be the Fight or Flight response, a surge of energy to help protect you and deal with the stress on hand.

In an emotional response, it can be a form of inspiration, excitement, joy, guidance, validation, physical attraction, warning, fear, anxiety, or fright.

On a spiritual level, it can signal a deeper connection, remind us that we are not alone, or be a source of divine intervention and guidance. This heightened sense of awareness guides our intuition and insights and provides us with confirmation that we are on the right track.

Next time you get a chill or that jolt of energy flowing through your body, take a moment to become present, and tune into the incoming message. Awaken to the subtle clues that have been triggered by connecting with your most genuine self – a level of deeper knowing that comes through our body and aligns us with a higher power and purpose.

Antoinette Giacobbe M.A.