Shifting into Autumn and Getting into the Spirit of Fall

This year the Fall Equinox arrives on September 22, 2022 at 9:03pm (EST) in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the beginning of the Autumn Season. Even though the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, we can still feel the warmth of the fall season; big warm sweaters, cozy nights by the crackling fireplace, hot chocolate, delicious apple pie and comforting butternut squash soup. As children prepare for Halloween, pumpkins can be found everywhere. The beautiful changing colours of the trees are like an artist painting the green trees with a dazzling warm palette of oranges, reds, golds, and yellows.

As nature starts shifting inward, we too, need to take the time to pause and reflect on our inner growth. The darkness of the longer nights and the impending cold weather make us want to spend more time indoors as we look inside to reconnect with our true selves. We go through our own seasons of change just like nature; harvest, growth, death, and rebirth. Tuning into these cyclical changes gives us a better understanding of ourselves on a deeper level. 

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, we have many lessons to learn by embracing the change of seasons. Change is a normal and natural part of life. Since we are all connected to each other and to nature, as the seasons change, so do we. We resonate with these changes. However, some people are resistant to change. Imagine a flower resisting blooming; it would never be able to reach its full potential or get to see its finest beauty. As nature goes with the flow, we too need to learn how to grow with the flow and welcome autumn’s lessons in letting go, clarity, and balance.

Autumn is the time of harvest. We need to take personal inventory of our own harvest, which we planted in the previous seasons and months with our efforts and intentions. September has that back-to-school feeling, which is also a great time to create new goals and to refocus our energies. 

As we transition into fall, it is important to reflect and honour our harvest. Acknowledge and be grateful for all we have received and learned so far this year. Enjoy the fruits of our labour as we gather together with family and friends to celebrate and share our prosperity. Traditions and rituals like Thanksgiving create meaning in our lives and align with the cycles of nature to help us gain new perspectives in life and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

The Fall Equinox brings an equal amount of light and darkness, which offers us the opportunity to step into our shadows and bring light to the aspects of our lives where we need to create balance and integration. The energy is here to help us shine a light on what needs to be released so we remain true to our hearts’ desire and prepare for what is up ahead. 

The leaves fall off the trees, and the land needs to be prepared for the winter. As we weed the gardens of our minds, we too need to shed what no longer serves us in order to continue growing. The cleansing of our bodies, minds, and homes not only gets rid of toxins but also helps restore balance as we make room for better things to come and prepare for the upcoming season of our lives. The upcoming winter will provide us with the opportunity to rest so we can become creative, not by doing but by being quiet and listening to our inner voice.

By setting new goals and making plans, we can fertilize our minds and the soil of our lives garden. As we gain personal clarity and insights during autumn’s transition period, we may also consider staying away from people that are draining and making space for others that are more uplifting as we move our life forward.

Fall is the time to ground ourselves and nurture our spirit; slow down and re-evaluate what will sustain our energy throughout the winter months as we start thinking about the new seeds we want to plant and manifest in the upcoming seasons of our life. As we return to our centre and clear our mind, we can allow our inner light to guide us toward finding harmony and peace.

Just as the leaves change colours, we too, need to rethink and change our ways, letting things fall away that are no longer contributing to our balance and making room for greater visions to grow. Give yourself permission to step into something new and in alignment with your goals so you can forge ahead and grow into your full potential.

This Fall Equinox, we can make our own autumn ritual; light a candle and sit in meditation to explore our personal growth cycle and our spiritual path. Be thankful for all of our blessings and lessons learned. Make a list of what needs to be cleared out, set our intentions, and write down our new goals. Visualize this being sent out to the universe and trust that things will come our way. As we lay the foundation, winter will arrive and provide us with the much needed rest to go further inwards so that we can be recharged and ready to Spring into action.

Fall in love with autumn and harvest the energy of the season as it has so much to offer.

Antoinette Giacobbe