Renew Your Energy and Recharge Your Life

Look around you and you’ll notice energy everywhere; from the earth to the moon, sun, and stars; from the flowers and trees to the animals and rocks. Even your body, thoughts, and emotions are all composed of energy, basically atoms, which are charged particles and are always in constant motion, vibrating at different frequencies.

We are energy beings. Everything and everyone is interconnected. 

Higher vibrations make you feel lighter and happier, while lower vibrations are heavy and dark.

We can change our vibrations by changing your frequency and, thereby, shifting our energy. In order to keep our body, mind, heart, and soul energized and functioning at optimal levels, we need to pay attention to how we provide fuel for ourselves. Whatever you hold onto and repeat on a daily basis is what your energy will naturally attract and become. 

As Clint Eastwood says, “What you put into life is what you get out of it.”

Aristotle said , “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

When we are running low on energy and are constantly exhausted, we need to look at our energy habits and learn how to refuel in a more energy efficient way so we can feel free, alive and vibrant. It is essential that we commit to self-care in order to create a better sense of wellbeing and to live life to the fullest in balance, peace and harmony.


C – Choice

How you choose to take care of yourself will determine how much energy you have and in which direction you want it to go; either feel energized or feel drained. Choose wisely.

A – Assign

Choose a specific time when you are going to get things done. Prioritize your goals so you can work on your plan, step by step. You won’t waste time or get caught up in distractions. 

R – Restrict 

Choose to minimize the time spent doing things you don’t like to do. Also spend less time with energy vampires who suck the life out of you. Find ways of dealing with these chores and people by spending less time and being more productive.

E – Eliminate

Choose to get rid of anything toxic which causes major energy loss; food, thoughts, emotions, people, clutter.

Let’s take a look at how we can renew our energy and take care of our body, mind, heart and soul.

ENERGY BOOSTERS                                          ENERGY ZAPPERS                                 
eat wholesome diet, high vibrational food like  more veggies, fruit, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts excessive refined foods, sugar, saturated fats, alcohol, smoking
stay hydrated not drinking enough water
regular physical activity sedentary lifestyle
 stretch and do yoga little movement or exercise
quality sleep poor sleeping hygiene
listen to your body, rest over scheduling
learn to slow down, relax always rushing
get outside in nature concrete walls
positive thoughts, visualizations negaholism
focus on solutions focus on problems
learn to say no people pleasing
permission to make mistakes fear of failure
live in the present stuck in the past, anger
be mindful of the here and now anxious about the future
set firm, clear boundaries have blurry boundaries or none
stand up and assert yourself be passive, aggressive or both
Limit your time with electronics excessive screen time/social media
stay curious, learn new things know it all, closed mind
aiming to do your best aiming for perfection
single tasking multitasking
take first step and get ball rolling procrastination
clear action plan and step by step goals chaos, disorganisation
work smarter not harder overworking/ nonproductive
follow your heart, dreams passions listen to everyone else, ignore your own desires
trust your intuition lack of self trust
respect and honour yourself self criticism and doubts
get in touch with your emotions deny your feelings
be true to your feelings and express them keeping your feelings in and ignoring them
allow yourself to feel and to process, journalling, talking to someone supressing and feeling more pain
surround yourself with supportive people maintain toxic relationships with difficult people
enrich your life with meaningful connections Lots of  acquaintances and fake friends
quiet time/ get entered too much noise
meditation and breath work feeling lost, tense, stressed
honour your connection to a higher power feeling alone and disconnected
nourish your creativity mindless activities
pray and keep the faith disbelief and  fears
learn to  let go and forgive hold on to grudges and resentments
seek out a sense of purpose and deeper meaning in life aimlessly wondering, feeling worthless and inutile
do random acts of kindness/volunteer work intolerant and inconsiderate
have compassion for self and others inconsiderate and uncaring
practice gratitude always complaining
laughter, have fun usually bored and disinterested
smile, it can make someone’s day get upset very easily
treat yourself over bingeing
stay calm and carry on worrying, overthinking
cuddle with your pet


How you take care of your energy will determine how it takes care of you. Be protective of what and who you let into your space. Where we focus our energy is where we’ll see the results.

“Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, it’s physics.” Albert Einstein.

Raise your vibration by harnessing the power of energy to transform the quality of your life.

It’s your choice, you decide.

Antoinette Giacobbe