Interview with Maria DeSimone, Counselling Astrologer

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Cosmic Connections, a Blueprint for the Soul

Millions of readers enjoy reading Maria’s horoscope columns and articles which appear on, Aol, Yahoo, HuffingtonPost, Lifescript and many others. 

She is the former president of Long Island, New York Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), one of the leading astrology organizations. 

A professional astrologer since 2005, Maria also hold a B.A. in psychology. Her down to earth approach blends astrology with real life experiences and practical advice. From the first video I watched, I found Maria not only captivating and charming but instantly felt like I understood astrology. Her courses are comprehensive and enlightening as she graciously shares her personal experiences to help us we gain insights into our own lives, personalities and relationships. Here’s our conversation on how astrology can be used as a guiding tool along your spiritual path.

Is there a connection between Spirituality and Astrology?

A very big yes! 

Astrology is a very spiritual tool because it is not only grounded in math and science but also a great metaphysical tool for our spiritual growth potential. It marries the spiritual and physical world we live in because this language is understood through the planets which are actually physical.  Remember that everything is energy. 

To be spiritual means you believe in something greater than yourself and that you are looking for a greater meaning in life. Hence, astrology is a beautiful fit for that because it helps align us with the meaning as to why we are here and what is the purpose of life. Astrology brings spirituality into our daily lives by making us realize that we are a soul in a physical body. The soul never dies and the soul chooses the circumstances in this life in order for us to evolve. We are born with character and we can read that in our birth chart.

What are the spiritual lessons for each zodiac sign?

I will give a brief summary of each one as we are just opening the door.

Each sign has certain qualities that they are learning to embrace. In fact, that’s what the sun sign is in astrology, it reveals what you are learning to develop in this lifetime.

LESSONS FOR ARIES – Learn to develop a solid sense of identity and courageous self; learn to live life on your own terms; to pioneer and do things others have not done before.

LESSONS FOR TAURUS  Learn to master the physical world while developing a strong sense of self worth. Because Taurus is one the money signs, they are learning how to create something substantial in this physical world so it can leave some type of legacy.

This is done by developing their talents and abilities once they have that sense of self worth.

LESSONS FOR GEMINI – Gemini are very intellectually inclined and curious about all that is around them. They need learn how to collect, process and understand information as well as how to engage with others and to have meaningful communications.

LESSONS FOR CANCER – They need to learn about emotional security and nurturing the self. They want to create something that is important to them; whether it be family, friends or business. They are the go getter sign.

LESSONS FOR LEO – Learn how to create joy in life and a healthy sense of self love; to give love openly and generously with an open heart. Leo is a a very creative sign that needs to learn how to shine that creative light/ spark. They need to get in touch with the artist/creator within themselves and reveal that to the world.

LESSONS FOR VIRGO – They are concerned with precision and perfection. Virgos need to learn how to create order in this world and how to be of humble service. 

LESSONS FOR LIBRA   Learn how to relate to others in a balanced way without losing their sense of self identity in the process. They represent balance and harmonious relationships.

LESSONS FOR SCORPIO  Learn about trust. They are a deeply emotional sign. They often come into this world not trusting because of past experiences with mistrust, betrayal and trauma.  It is important to learn how to transform and heal from their own trauma as well as how to be vulnerable and seek connection in a trusting way. They need to learn how to trust their own power, like the Spiderman quote that states, “ with big power comes great responsibility”.

LESSONS FOR SAGITTARIUS  Learn how to inspire others with its wisdom and how to take the learning and create meaning from that information;  Sagittarius is the teacher, philosopher and spiritual guru of the zodiac. They are the truth seekers that create the meaning and seek the answers to the big questions in life. 

LESSONS FOR CAPRICORN – Learn how to be responsible and become an authority. By becoming the responsible adult, they can create their own success in life.

LESSONS FOR AQUARIUS  They are the most humanitarians of the zodiac and need to learn to balance the individual with society while also expressing their most unique, individual self within the group.  They know that while it’s true that one person can make a difference, we are all here as a collective to improve mankind and make this world a better place.

LESSONS FOR PISCES – They need to learn how to balance their extraordinary divine nature while living in the physical world and how to become that source of higher consciousness with compassionate and unconditional love without bleeding themselves dry.

Which planets and houses are related to spirituality in our charts?

The two house which are most connected to spirituality are the 9th and12th houses.

The two planets would be Jupiter and Neptune. 

Jupiter naturally corresponds to the ninth house and is about religion and faith, our beliefs and morals.

Neptune in twelfth house is about faith in something you cannot see as well as psychic realms, dreams and spirituality in terms of non denominational religions.      

Even if don’t have placements in this house, everyone has a twelfth house story.

On the other hand, someone with strong Neptune and Jupiter placement will be more spiritually oriented people.

Heavy ninth and twelfth house placement in the birth chart indicate more spiritual people, psychics, mediums and astrologers. Strong water sign placement and planets are also spiritual indicators and show up as someone very in tune with emotions and spirituality.

We are all souls on a spiritual journey.

What does the Age of Aquarius have in store for us?

The purpose is to bring the world into greater harmony with each other.

Remember, it’s not the pebble, its the pebble effect and we all can have an effect.

The shift, the turning point has already started; it’s here and it’s happening. 

We must all learn more about ourselves and our higher purpose. Astrology can be used as a tool to understand our dynamics, our potential, our talents and abilities, our short circuits and our karma. Once you understand this, you then can empower yourself with consciousness. The moment you become conscious, your free will get activated in a strong way and you can choose to actively participate in your soul’s growth. It becomes one of the greatest tools towards your soul’s growth and evolution.

By studying astrology, you get to understand the language of the soul. It’s like a map, a blueprint of your soul.

Thank you Maria for the delightful insights,

Antoinette GIacobbe

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