Seven Days of Good Vibrations

Who are you? We are all energy. And so is everything around us. 

Our complex energy system is composed of seven main energy points, the chakras, which run along the spine of our astral body. 

Each of our seven energy centers has a corresponding color and quality that represent the same vibrational frequency. They play a vital role in influencing how we function and how we feel. We have all experienced how colors generate a particular energy. After all, color is a form of light, which is also another form of energy.

Each chakra also has a correlation with the days of the week. Each day has a ruling planet, which also holds a specific energy. This can explain why each day of the week has its own vibration, a certain feel, and an expectation.

By becoming more aware of these interactions, we can learn to harness these energies to help us stay in alignment with our chakras, which have a beneficial effect on our physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. 

Immerse yourself each day with these colors as you embrace their effects and seek balance through daily affirmations. Creating intentions helps synchronize and enhance the energy of the day. 

Bring in more of each chakra’s energy and create a harmonious flow by incorporating these major themes in your meditations, visualizations, and even in the colors you choose to wear for each day of the week.

Crown Chakra – Sunday – White or Violet 

 “I am enlightened”

Spirituality, Divine connection, Universal consciousness

Get connected with your higher power


Sacral Chakra – Monday – Orange

“I am loved”

Creativity, Passion, Pleasure

Get inspired


Solar Plexus Chakra – Tuesday – Yellow

“I am powerful”

Confidence, Determination, Willpower

Get empowered


Throat Chakra – Wednesday – Blue

“I am expressive”

Communication, Expression, Speaking the truth

Get real


Third Eye Chakra – Thursday – Indigo

“I am intuitive”

Intuition, insight, Wisdom

Get in tune


Heart Chakra – Friday – Green or pink

“I am compassionate”

Love, Emotional balance, Forgiveness

Get connected with self and others


Root Chakra – Saturday – Red

“I am safe”

Survival, Stability, Security

Get grounded


“Everything in Life is Vibration” Albert Einstein

Color your world with the chakras everyday!

 Antoinette Giacobbe M.A.