Understanding the Meaning of Faith and Hope


Without faith, there is no hope. And without hope, there is no faith. 

We need them both, for they are inter-dependant parts of each other.

Although they are intertwined, they do have differences. Let’s take a look at what they are and why it is important to have both faith and hope.

Faith is rooted in the reality of the past and present, while hope is rooting in the reality of the future.

In Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Faith comes from the latin word “fidere,” which means to trust. It is defined as a strong belief that is expressed as complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

What most people think is faith is actually conditional faith, in which they believe in it as long as things are going well, but as soon as things become challenging, they tend to lose their faith. This lack of faith leads to spiritual bankruptcy. When nurturing the soul, faith is an essential, daily vitamin necessary for our well-being and makes room for miracles to appear in your life. 

In difficult times, faith reminds us that we are never alone. The popular and inspirational poem, “Footprints in the Sand” is a metaphor for having faith in God. We are loved and supported. God is always beside us and, if necessary, will carry us. This is why there was only one set of footprints in the sand. God did not abandon you; it was He who carried you when you could not walk.

Faith supplies us with a direct link to the universal wisdom that lies within us. We need to trust that the universal spirit is working, as it provides us with headlights when we are walking in the darkness. When we can’t see where we are going, that’s when we need to trust the most. Faith guides us as we put one foot in front of the other.

When taking a leap of faith, we need to be willing to stretch ourselves and dare to go further than we can actually see. This is how we develop trust. The more we trust the universal Spirit, the more it will work for us as a guiding force. And the more we are open and willing to learn, the more comfortable we will become with uncertainty. We cannot possibly know or control everything, but by trusting the process, we can conquer our fears.

Both faith and fear are powerful forces that can move us in different directions. Fear moves us away from life and causes despair and the loss of hope, whereas faith moves us toward life and helps us develop courage and strengthen our belief and confidence. Whichever road we take, it’s our choice. We can either live in fear or in faith.

Faith always conquers fear and will remedy our worries, stress, and anxiety. Faith is knowing that, in the end, things will work out. Faith helps us look for opportunities and solutions. Fear focuses on the obstacles and avoiding the problem.

With faith, we never give up. We have the persistence and patience to see it through the difficult challenges.

Without the foundation of faith, we will have a hard time finding happiness and success.

My favourite Wayne Dyer quote is: “You’ll see it when you believe it.” which is the opposite of what most people say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” They want to see the proof first, and then they will believe. But in essence, faith is a belief that is not based on proof or proved by evidence. It is based on trust, even when we can’t see the end result. It’s a firm belief. We know in our heart that we are being guided. When we live our faith, it keeps the faith growing. It propels us to take the next step. Taking that risk is faith in action. If we do not doubt our faith, we can move mountains. 

The purpose of faith is to believe in ourself and not be afraid to dream. Our confidence and trust in a higher power flow through us only when we choose to believe. Without this unwavering belief and faith, our dreams will only remain fantasies. Faith is knowing that the universe will always have our back. Let go and let God support and guide you.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King

“While there is life, there is hope.” Marcus T. Cicero

“Hope is passion for what is possible.” S. Kierkegaard

While faith is “something we have in the present moment and reflects a desired intention, hope is the anticipated fulfilment of that intention.” Hope comes from the Greek root word “elpo” which means to anticipate with pleasure, to look forward towards the future with assurance.

Hope is the confident expectation that is built on trust.

Hope is what keeps your faith alive until those expectations and desires you believed in happen. Hope is the soil where you plant the seeds of faith and anticipate the good things that will manifest and grow.

Hope is not to be confused with wishful thinking. It involves not only having goals and a positive attitude but also the willpower to make them happen. We play an active role in designing a plan for making our desired future a reality; otherwise it won’t materialize by itself.

Never give up because there are many things in life beyond your control. Always maintain hope and fuel the passion, even if things get overwhelming at times or do not work out according to plan.

While faith dwells in the heart, hope is in the mind. Hope is the positive attitude that acts like a helmet to keep us from focusing on the negatives. We can always count on hope. Every day is a new day that brings blessings and new hope. What keeps us going is that powerful force that  fuels the future with a feeling of trust and expectation that positive things will happen.

Looking forward with confidence keeps us motivated to take the necessary steps, especially during the difficult times. 

By choosing to look on the bright side, it can help make life’s challenges more tolerable as we can feel and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Both faith and hope act like an anchor for our soul, helping inspire us to move forward and endure life by making us better, stronger, and more resilient. Both faith and hope are based on trust and our core beliefs. And just like love, they are active verbs that involve work. When you love someone, it is not passive; rather, you are actively involved in doing things to show your love. 

Just as our body needs air, our heart and soul need faith and hope. Do not underestimate the importance and the power of faith and hope as they make up the very foundation of our lives. Allow faith and hope to shine a light on your way through the darkness.

A few tips on how to apply faith and hope to your everyday life;

  • Take a moment every day to reflect and connect with that higher power as you build a stronger relationship with God. 
  • Be thankful. Begin and end every day with a prayer or meditation. 
  • Fill your day with positive people. Always look for the good in people and in situations.
  • Spread some sunshine by being kind, offering help and encouragement, showing appreciation, being generous with praise.
  • Seek inspiration through reading, walking in nature, talking to a mentor, and engaging in community activities.
  • Practice forgiveness, focus on your strengths and positives, and diminish your inner critic and the negatives. 
  • Smile

Have faith and trust in the darkness of your winter, and know that the hope and light of spring are around the corner.

Antoinette GIacobbe